India bans TVs Laptop and Rafale Jets on night and Day Military Exercise near China

India bans TVs Laptop and Rafale Jets on night and Day Military Exercise near China

Indian Rafale Jets practising night Warfare and India to Ban TV and laptops. India opens a new market for optic fibre sea routes for the cable network in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

India’s new Rafael jets are now undertaking day and night practice session India china border in Ladakh. As these new 5 Rafale Jet to be inducted in the month of August end at the Ambala Air Force base. The practice session included higher and lower terrain because rafale jets are capable of flying under the radar after galwan valley India china border fight.

Already Indian Army chief said the military to get ready for battle with China and Pakistan. If required the Rafale jets will be used for emergency warfare.

India has opened the doors for the new market access for the ASEAN countries with the optical fibre cable network tHrough the sea, India yesterday in inaugurated a new project under Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, a 2300 km submarine optical fibre cable network which will connect Chennai of India and Andaman Nicobar Islands of India.

The project costs Rs. 1,224 crores, according to the Indian media. This project is commenced and sourced by the corporation of Japan, along with the department of telecommunications of India.

This can be a way to pull the ASEA countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos away from China, according to Shymal Ghosh, former secretary of DOT of India. India is already having an offer of $1 billion dollars line of credit for Digital connectivity with the Asian countries.

The Indian government is considering a ban like custom duty hike on 20 products, which are the laptops, camera, Textiles and aluminium goods. which mostly are imported from China. This indirectly focused on China, but Indian official told to Times of India that, this is not a China-specific duty action. Few days before India put restrictions on importing TV sets from China.

In fact, India’s going to source this product locally and a few other products from ASEAN countries like Vietnam and Thailand. India already has a huge trade deficit with China and the estimation of $48.1 in 2019-2020. TV Ban Import China in India News.

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