India to face China and Pakistan Military in Ladakh and India to get new Jets

India to face China and Pakistan Military in Ladakh and India to get new Jets

Now Indian Military is talking about to front battle with China and Pakistan. India might move big against Pakistan on Pok. Indian Prime Minister of India Modi visits Ladakh which has stirred China.

Military officials are seriously talking about to front Battle against India. China and Pakistan are trying to use the distraction in the uncertain situations Pakistan is already hindering India. While China was intruding into the Ladakh region, Pakistan was intruding into LOC. India had not two different both border at the same time before, but now it seems inevitable maybe if the battle happens. In this situation, Prime Minister of India Mr Modi made a surprise visit to Ladakh. In which he met the Indian Army personnel and also he visited the Indian Army headquarters in Leh City on Friday. In Which India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was supposed to visit Ladakh instead of Prime Minister Modi.

In an Indian news article on NDTV Australian analysis on India foreign policy said India is in so much pressure like nationwide Uncertain situations, Economy fall down and LOC with Pakistan and LAC with China. India in recent years relationship with China and Pakistan has become very bad. One of the senior officials of Indian Military not to be named said to NDTV India has a huge contingency plan to counter Pakistan and China. also, he told that the Army chief has warned of two side faceoff from China and Pakistan and told the Indian government should step in to stop in diplomatically.

General Manoj Mukund naravane India chief of Army staff said on May 2020 possibility of two front battles. India and China have already deployed thousands of Troops and lots of Defence systems and jets. Why India is fully prepared for all sorts of interventions.

While on visiting Ladakh by the Prime Minister of India Mr Modi he said the age of expansionism is over this is the age of development. History has witnessed that expansionist forces have a lost or forced to turn back without naming china he said. While in the Prime Minister of India watch in Leh City in Ladakh he was accompanied by the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat on the chief of Army General Manoj Mukund naravane. China spokesperson said to news reporters India should not make a strategic miscalculation on China.

Some analysts say the current standoff other LAC is a result of Chinese push back against India building of military Infrastructures at the de facto border in recent years. While China has also crossed the India China border not only in the Galwan Valley now also in the depsang plane.

India approved of buying 33 Jet from Russia and India to make jets made in India also 12 Su 30mki jets in making in India. And 6 to 8 Rafael jets from France arriving in India this month end of July of 2020. Also, India trying to block of the Chinese economy in India by banning 59 apps. Already Tiktok set it has a loss of $6 billion dollars in India now. In UN India has warned China without naming it, India’s watching what happens in Hong Kong. because still now India did not say anything about a Chinese law change in Hong Kong in the UN or in the public because India respects every country is internal matters but everything has to Limits.

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