India to get Military Base in Japan and India Pulling Factories out of China

India to get Military Base in Japan and India Pulling Factories out of China

A new Summit between India and China to be held in the coming weeks. Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo abe has a scheduled meeting in the next 2 months, they will decide what’s the next step to act on China and its expansionism. Two pm’s are expected to sign Military Logistic Pact, Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA), and the possibility of shifting Japanese manufacturing from China to India. some officials say both country PM’s will hold the meeting in October of 2020.

This meeting comes at a time when the transgression and the standoff happening in India China border, even the same is happening in Japan sea near the senkaka Islands. officials told, both PM will discuss Ladakh China issue, the South China Sea and also to strong that QUAD concept which we say as a new NATO for Asia. India has already signed the Military Logistic pact with Quad countries like us, Australia and now with Japan. Indian Military logistics pact is a version of the indirect non-permanent military base. India already has this pact with most of all the important south-east countries.

As India is nearing for the annual Malabar exercise with the US and Japan. India to invite Australia again after a decade. officials of two countries have said, they will also discuss and start projects on military and trade port development in Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India, also pushing Japanese companies and opening door for manufacturing in India. After the apple incorporates and Foxconn Samsung to shift a major part of its production line to India from Vietnam and China. The South Korean company is already producing smartphones in India with 2% of the production line. Now with India’s incentive offer, Samsung is moving its production to India. Its $200 smartphone production to go up to 20% in production in India.

Currently, Samsung has 50% of its production in Vietnam, India to bring up 1 million jobs not only from Samsung also from Apple, Foxconn, Pegatron, wistron and other 24 companies with finding ways to open up offices in India.

Many experts say, $200 to $300 price tag smartphone production in India will add 20% to 25% market value for export from India.

India already is making efforts to stop China on Economy level with all the product restriction manufacturing shift or starting to hinder China a little bit. But not a major problem for China. but in this name, India is trying to be self-reliant and putting up a show of strength. Indian china border fight happened in Ladakh against china in June 2020

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