Indian Army Chief says India to get ready to fight China and Pakistan

Indian Army Chief says India to get ready to fight China and Pakistan

Indian Army chief says to get ready for battle with China and Pakistan. Indian Navy is also deploying more Navy ships to the Indian ocean.

Indian Army chief Manoj Mukund Naravane asked the top military commanders of India in the central and Eastern sector to be prepared for battle against train now according to ANI a news agency. The Army chief of India visited the east command headquarters on the backdrop of the tension with play now on the deployment of more through the India and China across the LAC.

The Indian Airforce also put its bases near the border with China on high alert and increasing deployment of more fighter jets and attack helicopters mostly in the Arunachal Pradesh region. News of Western Sector of India also is on high alert which is the line of control with Pakistan this is done by keeping in mind of two-front battle with China and Pakistan.

Already the winter is nearing and it might create a problem for any one of the countries. Department of Indian Navy warships Indian Navy supporting the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force against China. Already India is doing the surveillance in the Indian Ocean region from the movie shares with seven thousand kilometres to the market right with the distance of nearly 8,000 kilometres.

Additional Lene following the maritime security incident Indian Navy has increased deployment of Battle ready warships and then India is also considering adding Australia in the upcoming biggest annual 2020 Malabar exercises with the US, Japan and India. India has conducted several military exercises with France, Japan, United state and India is also on a wild Goose hand on buying surveillance aircraft, Patrol aircraft, drones, lightweight tanks, Rifles and fighter jets.

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