The US sends Nuclear Bomber for India against China and India buys 106 Jets

The US sends Nuclear Bomber for India against China and India buys 106 Jets

India’s Hindustan Aeronautical Limited produced light combat helicopters are the LCH has been deployed in Ladakh for the mission against China the India-china border region for the Indian Air Force. CMD of the HAL said it is the lightest attack helicopter in the world, which is crucial for the Indian Air Force in the higher altitude region. This helicopter has the most capability like the US Apache helicopter even the helicopter had landed on the Hudson rock the torrent helipad in Ladakh region.

India’s new the Allie United States or the US has deployed the B2 Spirit Steel Bomber, which is capable of dropping nuclear bombs. which now have landed in the Indian Ocean region at the Naval base in Diego Garcia which is very much closer to India and China.

The ongoing tension and standoff in the Ladakh region between India and China have become a battle like situation as China is building new Air Force base near India and it has deployed its Nuclear missile DF 26 at its military base near Ladakh.

In a statement issued by the US Indo Pacific command, that the B2 spirit Steel Bommer aircraft have travelled 29 hours from the US to the Diego Garcia Island. the US Air Force command colonel said we are thrilled to be in an important place like Diego Garcia which is closer to the West Africa East Asia and India.

This bomber has arrived on a time when the India and China border tension is increasing. The b-2 spirit bomber is capable of travelling 19000 kilometres when refuelled and can fly at an altitude of 15,000 feet. It has also capable of carrying its b61 nuclear warheads, it can reach all of the china and can drop all the nuclear warheads. This gives the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force a very big edge over China.

The Defence Minister of India had agreed and said OK to buy 106 military jets or aircraft worth rupees 8722 crores for the Indian Air Force. These 106 MilitaryAircraft will be produced locally by the HAL; As India wants to be self-reliant on most of their products.

After the HALs successfully deployed at HTT-40 prototype and certified by the DAC of India. The Indian Air Force will produce purchase 70 initially and after the induction rest of the 36 Jets would be bought. The aircraft has went lot of tests, said a retired Air Marshal of India and all these aircraft will be used for the training purposes. India china Indian defence updates 2020 galwan valley Ladakh.

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