The US sends Drones to India against China

The US sends Drones to India against China

India to get predator armed drones against China. Russia does not see China as a friend.

After I am long halt and pursuing India to get us Predator drones for the Indian Navy. While the India China border tension is rising and does not show any sign of going down, the US is pitching its heavy weapons deal for India.

India already made huge deals with us France Russia Israel and others for buying Rifles drones missiles parachutes parasitic helmets and repair parts. Us wants to sell their Predator drones to India already India is in talks on getting Drone from US and Israel.

According to the Indian media source, India is favouring on buying us Predator is drones also called as an MQ-9 Reaper. It is capable of carrying Hellfire missiles and Laser-guided missiles. India Looking to get 6 drones from the US and also from Israel, request to us for buying 30 Predator drones for Indian Navy, but it was put down by Obama’s administration as their policy won’t allow selling to non us, partners.

But in 2016 Donald Trump administration changed all the policy to sell all the military equipment to India congress review. However, the India China border fight increased, India was looking to buy half a dozen drones from the US.

While China was caught red-handed on spying on Russia both the countries didn’t make it a big deal, as Russia also spying on China for the same reason. Now Iran is waiting for billion of the dollar from china. China gathering India’s neighbour against India, India too now in the dog and the bone game. Both countries trying to pursue India’s neighbour le Maldives Srilanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, $500 million cash swap package to help these countries to get out of Chinese debt trap.

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