India China Border Tension Rising towards War

India China Border Tension Rising towards War

India Chased away Chinese Army and China send J20 Jets to India for Rafales. Indian Army has chased away the Chinese army from Ladakh on Saturday, August 2020. China is rapidly building heliport near India China Bhutan fight junction border.

Chinese troops carried out provocative military movements near the Pangong Tso Lake on Saturday Night of August blocked by the Indian Army soldiers, who are fully prepared said the Government of India on Monday.

According to the Indian news Media, NDTV source said, that the Chinese troops came in sufficient numbers. As the Indian Army was aware of the Chinese move and established themselves in a move to block the Chinese advancing. No physical clashes took place and there is no faceoff situations at present said the source.

It is said that Indian troops pre-empted PLA activity on the southern bank of Pangong Tso lake undertook measures to strengthen the position and thwart Chinese intentions to unilaterally change the facts on the ground adding that the Indian army is committed to maintaining the peace and the Tranquillity through dialogue, but it also equally determined to protect its territorial integrity. The move provoked a standoff and then rapid buildup, troops from both the sides yelled at each other and surged to within a yard or two before the commanding officers from both the sides pull them apart; Also china is rapidly building heliport near India China Bhutan border trijunction. which is very much nearer to Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim states of India.

After the night of 30th August 2020, Chinese air force Re deployed its fifth-generation J 20 Jets or Aircraft near the Ladakh, according to the Indian government sources. The J20 has been deployed by the PLAAF at the Hotan Airbase and they have been flying close to the Indian border near the Ladakh and adjoining areas. The deployment of the strategic Bomber aircraft of China is also still on by the Chinese.

As India’s rapidly using its Rafale Jets near the India China border, Now China has redeployed its fifth-generation J20 Jets a few weeks before. In May, June of 2020, the Bloody India china border fight has sparked the standoff and faceoff which is now turning into the war-like situation.

Government has said China has tried to change the status Quo before few days. Indian army has chased away the Chinese army, but now China has insisted that Indian troops have to move out of the heights which, the Indian Army has occupied. The Indian Army refused to move out. The India China issue and the standoff as escalated it is a very serious standoff tension.

On the other side of India, the US, Japan and Australia have agreed to join hands against China’s imports and exports by counting and trading more between India Japan and Australia.

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  1. China cannot be believed & not a trustworthy nation.Past incidents are proof of Chinese aggressions of several Indian border areas . India has become scapegoat on several occasions and have surrendered it’s integral parts due to Chinese aggressions.Now it is the right time to give a lesson to this arrogant nation since several countries of the world are in agreement with India.

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