Trump calls World War 1 Fallen soldiers as Losers and Suckers

Trump calls World War 1 Fallen soldiers as Losers and Suckers

US President Mr.Donald Trump denies report by The Atlantic he made disparaging remarks about fallen World War I troops and John McCain in 2018. According to an article published by The Atlantic on Thursday, President Trump referred to fallen Marines who fought in World War I as “losers” and “suckers” while deciding not to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris during a visit to France in 2018. The article also says the President made similar comments about veteran and former Arizona senator John McCain after he died in 2018.

A White House representative called the article “offensive and patently false,” saying the president “holds the military in the highest regard.” President Trump responded saying, “I never called John a loser and swear on whatever, or whoever, I was asked to swear on, that I never called our great fallen soldiers anything other than heroes.”

Trump in his Twitter said, “The Atlantic Magazine is dying, like most magazines, so they make up a fake story in order to gain some relevance. The story already refuted, but this is what we are up against. Just like the Fake Dossier. You fight and fight, and then people realize it was a total fraud!

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