India’s Hypersonic Missile Test Successfully Conducted

India’s Hypersonic Missile Test Successfully Conducted

India successfully test-fire its Hypersonic missile he coast of Odisha. So far, Russia, China and the US have been developing hypersonic test vehicles. A hypersonic missile will cruise at 5 times(Mach 5) speed of sound or 3,836.35 miles per hour. Hypersonic manoeuvers, use of scramjet propulsion for ignition. Defence research organisation DRDO, which conducted today’s or the HSTDV test, called it a “historic mission”, which was “a giant leap in indigenous defence technologies and significant milestone” towards a Self-Reliant and Empowered India.

Sources in the defence and security establishment said the test was done from APJ Abdul Kalam testing range (Wheeler Island) in Odisha’s Balasore. “The scramjet engine worked at high dynamic pressure and at very high temperature. The ship was also deployed in the Bay of Bengal to monitor the performance during the cruise phase of hypersonic vehicles. All the performance parameters have indicated a resounding success of the mission,” a DRDO official said. India’s defence minister Mr.Rajnath Singh tweeted ,

“The @DRDO_India has today successfully flight tested the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle using the indigenously developed scramjet propulsion system. With this success, all critical technologies are now established to progress to the next phase.”

With this Hypersonic missile test, India enters with other 3 Nations the US, Russia and now India. Also, this is the first test for the hypersonic missile in India, still, there are more test to be conducted in coming years and later moving towards production In the next 5 years

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