India Captures Six New Territory from China and China sends military to Arunachal

India Captures Six New Territory from China and China sends military to Arunachal

The Indian Army has occupied six new major hill features on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) during the ongoing conflict with the Chinese army in the Eastern Ladakh sector.

The Indian Army has occupied six new heights between August 29 and the second week of September. The new hill features being occupied by our troops include the Magar hill, Gurung Hill, Recehen La, Rezang La, Mokhpari and the dominating height over Chinese positions near Finger 4, top government sources told ANI.

It’s very clear that both sides are planning to stay there for winter; they seem to be anticipating that there will be no diplomatic outcome, said Manoj Joshi, a security expert at the Observer Research Foundation. The reality is that China does not want to settle this because it is a convenient way to keep India unsettled and weakened, by entangling them in an expensive military operation along the Himalayan border that is far beyond their mean said a source. According to the villagers in Ladakh Hilltops, there is little evidence of disengagement on the ground. Over the past week, I

ndian troops have continued to build up along the border, to further secure India’s position along the border. The sources clarified that the Black Top and the Helmet Top hill features are on the Chinese side of the LAC while the heights occupied by the Indian side are in Indian territory. China has increased the deployment of its troops at six areas along LAC near Arunachal Pradesh. There is tension in Upper Subansiri’s Asapila, Longju, Bisa and Majha areas. China has also built a road near LAC in Arunachal Pradesh’s Bisa.

As the Chinese build-up increases, there is a requirement of the corresponding increase of troops on the Indian side. It is being discussed if another division of troops should be inducted in eastern Ladakh, said a source. This would mean additional troops of almost 12,000 personnel being moved to eastern Ladakh for acclimatisation and subsequent deployment if the need arises, according to Indian defence sources. 

The Indian Army is ready to respond to China’s challenge and the Army is on high alert in 4 sensitive areas of LAC in Arunachal Pradesh. It is to be noted that the activities of the People Liberation Army’s of China are being closely monitored in those areas. According to the sources, surveillance has been increased in 6 disputed areas and 4 sensitive areas along LAC in Arunachal Pradesh.

The LAC continues to remain tense with Indian and Chinese troops stationed in the proximity of each other — as close as 300 metres at some places

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