India gives Greenlight to attack China with its army and Navy to stop China

India gives Greenlight to attack China with its army and Navy to stop China

India has now given the green light for the Indian Military to use firearms to defend themselves with any Chinese tactics of using mass or seeking to outnumber Indian soldiers. Like the 15th June Galwan Valley clash, a top Indian government source said. India and China have been locked in a stand-off since April, both sides have been deploying more troops, which china has deployed around 50,000 soldiers and equipment, including missile defence systems, tanks and artillery, at the India China border.

China has said that India has changed its rules of engagement for the LAC, where the use of firearms was barred under a bilateral agreement. According to a source, China’s words cannot be taken seriously, as they speak one thing and do anything. So disengagement from the Chinese side has to be taken as a pinch of salt.

Chinese soldiers have outnumbered Indian troops during the Galwan Valley clash, which will not be the same now. As India has now changed its rule of engagement in the China India border. Both sides sources said they are likely to stay deployed in the forward areas of Ladakh through the winter, with China insisting on disengaging from the southern bank of the Pangong Tso first, while India has been clear that it has to happen in in all areas simultaneously. After the 29th August incident, where the Indian Army has recaptured its position in several heights from the Chinese army. India is now flexing its muscle with its Navy around the Indian Ocean, it is deepening ties with countries who want to counter China.

India, which operates one of the world’s largest navies has to do more to counter china along with its allied countries. While China has fastly outpaced Indian and US Navy swiftly, India is playing its part by inducting new submarines, Frigates, destroyers and also building more of them. But US Pentagon has already said, China has outpaced even the US Navy for now in the Indo Pacific, but that too will change soon.

China now has the capability to move forward with its Navy anywhere it wants, as its Navy is rapidly developing to match the US and other countries. For now, China has limited option to operate in India Ocean, India has stepped up its work here in the India Ocean by joining hands with US, France and building new Naval bases with its friendly countries to counter China.

The role of the Indian Ocean in the global economy is hard to overestimate, Three quarters of the worldwide maritime trade and half of the world’s oil supplies pass through its waters. Chokepoints such as the Malacca Strait in the east and the Hormuz and the Bab el Mandeb straits in the west make much of that shipping exposed in case of military conflict. India’s navy operates an aircraft carrier and is building another, in addition to possessing nearly 30 other large surface warships and a fleet of strategic and tactical submarines. China’s navy, by contrast, possesses some 90 large surface warships, including two aircraft carriers and it is building 8 more. Also building more Advanced ships at a much faster rate.

The gap between Indian Navy and Chinese Navy is likely to grow in coming years as China’s economy bounces back while India’s, battered by the coronavirus pandemic, shrinks according to Indian News Media’s The Print and Live Mint.

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