India Warns China that no one can stop India and China Readies for Battle

India Warns China that no one can stop India and China Readies for Battle

China deploys 12000 troops to Pangong Tso Lake, China readies its Bombers and Militaires to 2nd highest level. India dares no one can stop India. QUAD Countries to meet and discuss china situations.

China is believed to have brought forward more troops in the past week along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, taking its total troop deployment to approximately 52000, Of these 10000 troops have been deployed on the southern bank of the Pangong Tso that has witnessed hectic military activity since the manoeuvres of August 29-30.

Chinese troops on the country’s disputed border with India raised their combat readiness to the second-highest possible, but the alert was lowered after a meeting of the nations’ foreign ministers, military sources said. The increase, to the second level, meant more weapons and troops were deployed to the front line, and training exercises were ramped up for commanders, officers and soldiers, a military source told the South China Morning Post.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh told Rajya Sabha Thursday that India will not back down from taking “any big and tough step” in its interest, and that there will be no change in the “traditional and well-defined” patrolling pattern of Indian soldiers along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. “No power in the world can stop Indian soldiers from patrolling,” he said.

Meanwhile, satellite images published in the latest issue of the Canadian military magazine Kanwa Defence Review appeared to show a build-up of PLA troops and military installations along the Pangong Tso valley in the disputed region. “The PLA’s JH-7 bombers at frontline airports are loaded with weapons, indicating they are ready for action, and one of the obvious signs the border air force is under second-level combat readiness,” said Andrei Chang, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. “I am afraid the confrontations might become a regular thing, and turn the LAC into another Kashmir,” he said.

United States, India, Australia and Japan are in conversation to decide the venue and date of QUAD security dialogue next month, which will be followed by the 2 plus 2 dialogue between India and US here. As of now, Japan is an option for the QUAD dialogue or both QUAD and 2 plus 2 dialogues could be held back to back in New Delhi late next month.

For the two plus two dialogue, defence minister Rajnath Singh will join with US secretary of defence Mark Esper in New Delhi. Given the fact that the People’s Liberation Army is dragging its feet on total disengagement from Ladakh sector, it is quite obvious that the Chinese aggression in western sector in May 2020 will be a hot topic of discussion for both QUAD dialogue and 2 plus 2.

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