NASA says Penguins are Aliens

NASA says Penguins are Aliens

Scientists have started theorizing whether penguins are actually alien life forms. This might sound like something out of an over-reaching science fiction novel, but there’s actually some plausible evidence in the case’s foothold. Here’s what’s going on.

A study was recently conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom. One of the findings saw a certain chemical that isn’t native to Earth but was somehow discovered in the penguin subject’s droppings.

The phosphine finding is real but the scientist doesn’t know what’s making it. For context, phosphine is found in the gases surrounding Venus, which is just a stone-throw away at 38 million miles from Earth. The question marks as to how that chemical ended up in the penguin’s farewells.

The study was a collaboration between Nasa, the European Space Agency and the Canadian space agency, and focused on a myriad of extraterrestrial notions, from entities that may already be on our planet, to what could be out there.

The scientists are musing whether penguins could actually be aliens after the discovery, as the argument for how a chemical on Venus could possibly be in a critter’s faeces on Earth, is a little bit of a curious case.
However, some anaerobic bacteria produce phosphine. It’s found in pond slime and the guts of badgers and as well as the penguins’ guano. Perhaps a thinking point is why no one is asking whether badgers are also aliens, says Dr Dave Clements of Imperial College in London.

Hence, phosphine could do with defence against competing bacteria on Earth, but conspiracy theorists may shake their heads at that argument.

Nonetheless, penguins are the current hotbed for contestation in Space talk, (alongside Elon Musk’s civilian space mission). Maybe their little black and white suits did always look a little too out of this world.

So what do you think? Does this mean penguins are really Aliens?

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