Russian Military Drone Entered Poland Air Space after attacking Ukraine Military base

Russian Military Drone Entered Poland Air Space after attacking Ukraine Military base

The drone is claimed to have first circled over the Ukrainian city of Yavoriv before flying over Poland where it was in breach of Nato territory

The Ukrainian military said the drone was regarded to be assessing the damage brought on to the Yavoriv army base near Lviv over the weekend after the missile strike on Ukraine army Base, according to 24 tv reports.

It was then said to have flown over Poland earlier than returning to Ukrainian airspace in which it was shot down by the country’s air defence.

A spokesperson for the Ukrainian forces stated: the Russians maintain to perform their provocative movements without hesitation, flying into the airspace of Nato member states.

Russian forces fired extra than 30 cruise missiles at the base, prompting authorities to warn Vladimir Putin should start provoking Nato international locations. Poland belongs to the 30-robust shielding army alliance NATO which additionally consists of the United Kingdom, US, France, and Germany.

And Britain’s health secretary Sajid Javid the day prior to this vowed Britain will go to war against Russia if Putin assaults a Nato.

Even if just a single toecap of a Russian soldier steps into Nato territory, then it will be battle with Russia and Nato would reply. That hasn’t changed during this conflict and there would be a big response from Nato if there was any sort of assault from Russia. Our message has been very clear from the beginning. Any type of assault, whatever that touches Nato territory or influences Nato in any significant manner, then we would reply.

But a full-size Russian drone has entered into NATO territory, but there was no statement or involvement in the war by NATO. The statement what Britain’s health secretary Sajid Javid said and what has happened does not match. Seems still NATO is in denial to enter into the war.

Ukraine stated it noticed a Russian surveillance drone crossing into neighbouring Poland before reentering Ukrainian air space when it turned into Ukraine, it was shot down, Ukraine’s military force said.

The sighting turned into the trendy indication of the battle getting into the airspace of a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Russian drone appeared to be surveilling the Ukrainian military base for training, which was hit in a Russian missile attack on Sunday, the Ukraine air force said in a statement overnight.

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