Ukraine vs Russia Military Power Comparrison 2022

Ukraine vs Russia Military Power Comparrison 2022

The Russian army launched so-called Special Operation as the world knows as Invasion into Ukrainian territory from multiple directions. More than 16 days after, Russian forces have made little progress in the south of Ukraine, by occupying the city of Kherson by shelling and isolating Mariupol the same way as their Land force failed to do anything. However, the Russians had a very very difficult time in the north of Ukraine. The Ukrainians repulsed the effort to make a quick grab of Kyiv and fought fiercely in defence of Chernihiv and Kharkiv. Putin justified the invasion with a host of falsehoods: People in Donbas in eastern Ukraine had been facing humiliation.

If the Kremlin was surprised by the underperformance of its military and the resolve of the Ukrainians, it was equally surprised by the Western reaction. NATO has deployed thousands of troops to the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. Fierce retaliation by Ukraine with its.

Active personnel:255,0001,154,000
Reserve personnel:1,000,0002,000,000
Available for military:11,149,64634,765,736
Manpads Anti Tank
17000+unknown or none
Manpads Anti Aircraft
2000+unknown or none
*Not all of these troops will be sent to Ukraine, Russia has sent Russian Troops/ Units.

*The percentage refers to how many Russian troops are there inside Ukraine.
Troops: 150,000-190,000 (54%—68%) 280,000.
Battalion tactical group(BTG): 120(71%) 170.
Ground manoeuvre and Support fire battalions: 120 (29%) 408.
Land ForcesUkraineRussia
Armoured fighting
Total artillery:3,72118,497
Self-propelled artillery:1,0476,532
Rocket artillery:6304,359
Air ForceUkraineRussia
Total aircraft:3265,552
Fighter aircraft:70792
Multirole aircraft:0832
Attack aircraft:29880
UCAV (combat drone):1230
Total naval:63664

Manpads Anti Tank

According to Ukrainian estimates, Russia has lost more than, 12,000 troops,

58 planes,

83 helicopters,

362 tanks,

135 artillery pieces,

1,205 armoured personnel carriers,

62 MLRS,

2 boats,

585 vehicles,

60 fuel tanks,

7 UAV,

33 anti-aircraft warfare.

You can decide for yourself who is winning and who is losing. The number doesn’t matter always, reality matters. Russia lost the war by all means, like one of their Captured Pilot said, Russia should Retreat because they have lost their Invasion of Ukraine. But Putin is refusing to accept it.

Note: Estimates of Russia’s military capacity committed to the Ukraine conflict are based on different calculation methods and therefore vary among each other.


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  • New Lines Institute of Strategy and Policy.


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